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West Virginia is Rising


West Virginians are done with coming in last. We are standing up to take back this state for every single person who has suffered at the hands of selfish representation. This state deserves real public servants, not Senators that would rather line their pockets than do anything about our pain.

When we #UniteOurFight, the will of the people can rise.

It’s time for a West Virginia that we’re all proud to call home.
Join us the fight for a better tomorrow – starting today.

image of Paula Jean Swearengin Democratic Nominee for US Senate from West Virginia

A Campaign For the People

Paula Jean is the only U.S. Senate candidate in West Virginia who is refusing all corporate donations and PAC money. She believes working class Americans need working class representation and candidates for public office should be beholden to voters not the special interests.

Paula Jean 2020 is funded entirely by Americans who want change, and counts on people like you to contribute.