Here’s how YOU can win the election for Paula Jean
in 5 minutes and 3 easy steps… from your couch!

Social distancing guidelines don’t just disrupt the way we vote. It changes everything about the way we’re able to campaign and organize to get out the vote.


But here’s a secret that uses people-power to our advantage: if you take 5 minutes to multiply your vote with these simple steps, it may not seem like much. If you do this along with EVERYONE who visits this page, then we’ll have an unstoppable wall of reliable votes by the time polls close on Nov. 3.

Can you take 5 minutes to multiply your vote with these simple steps?

Follow along with this 30 second video!


1. Join our campaign on Reach, our user-friendly organizing platform.

2. Think of just three WV voters you know who support Paula Jean.

3. Pull them up in our voter search and let us know!
+ You can also let us know if they might want to get involved, or if they’re planning to vote!


Note: WE won’t contact these people. We respect your privacy. This is just for YOU to let us know that they’re with us.


How does this help?

Well, you’ve probably been needing to check in with friends and family to see how they’re doing. This is a great reason to do it!  But wait, there’s more! By letting us know which voters in your circles support Paula Jean, we’ll know who still needs to hear our message, which means WE will reach more voters overall… and that is how we will WIN.


Besides, not everyone feels comfortable talking to a phone banker or a canvasser. That means there could be thousands of voters we’ll never reach before Election Day. Not without YOU, that is. That’s why this method of voter contact is EVEN MORE effective than door knocking or calls from a phone banker.


That’s why this is so important. There’s too much at stake to risk the chance of losing in November because some voters never got to hear Paula’s message.


Can you commit to join us on Reach, and let us know of three fellow West Virginians that support our campaign today?

Join other Reach users from our campaign and get support from the staff on our #Relational-Team channel in the Volunteer HQ! Go to https://paulajean.com/volunteer to sign up, or log in at https://volunteer.paulajean.com/group/relational-team 

You can share this join link with friends who want to use Reach with you!  https://app.reach.vote/#/j/PY57SD

There’s also a handy app for your phone if you like, go here to download https://www.reach.vote/dl and use this shareable code to join the campaign: PY57SD

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