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Everyday people have been exploited for far too long.
It's time to #UniteOurFight and take our power back.

We Believe in:

Economic Diversity

• New infrastructure for new industry
• Ensure just transition
• Support workers
• Legalize cannabis

Ending the Addiction Crisis

• Long term recovery solutions
• Address contributing factors
• Hold Big Pharma accountable
• No more bought politicians

A New Deal for West Virginia

• Clean running water and functioning sewer
• Broadband for all, as a public utility
• Better roads and transportation
• A just transition for all workers
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Labor Rights

• Ensure a living wage
• Federal jobs guarantee
• End 'Right to Work'
• Expand worker's rights
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Public Education

• Stand with teachers
• Tuition-free state college & trade school
• Support families
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Medicare for All

• No premiums
• No co-pays
• No deductibles
• Great care
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