Join our 100% people-funded movement to flip this seat and give power back to the people of West Virginia and the entire country.

– Paula Jean Swearengin

Join our 100% people-funded movement to flip this seat and give power back to the people of West Virginia and the entire country.

– Paula Jean Swearengin


Paula Jean’s Platform

Economic Diversity

West Virginia can no longer sustain a monolithic economy built on one industry. We must expand opportunities for growth and development. Our workers and their families should never have to move out of the state to find good-paying and stable employment.

It’s time to invest in ourselves and we can do this by upgrading and modernizing our crumbling infrastructure. We must make our state more appealing to industry nationwide while also investing in home-grown industry and business.

The very serious question that faces West Virginia today is: What are we going to do when the coal is gone? No politician, and no industry leader has been able to give us a clear answer. Right now, there is no Plan B.  Paula Jean understands that we must  transition from coal. Paula Jean will fight to bring innovative solutions to these age-old problems.

Technology is changing modern economic development every day. To seed industry we must make federal and statewide investments in broadband, telecommunications and internet to help bring access to every corner of our state.

We can learn from successes we see in other states. In Ohio, they’ve grown a clean energy market that’s helped create tens of thousands of jobs. Kentucky has fostered a burgeoning hemp and marijuana industry, both of which will result in massive revenue for the state and job opportunities for its citizens.

Hemp and cannabis can once again be a cash crop for West Virginia but in order to see real success we must decriminalize cannabis on a federal level and legalize production within our state.

Supporting industry also means supporting workers. That’s why we support federal protections for Unions and demand a living wage for all individuals working across the country. We all deserve good-paying jobs, that’s why our campaign supports a federal jobs guarantee, worker rights expansion and ending stifling right to work legislation.

Addiction Epidemic

One of the most tragic developments in West Virginia has been the devastating effects of opioid addiction. For Paula Jean who has had friends and family caught in the cycle of addiction, she knows just how painful this disease is for everyone affected.

To combat this critical issue,  Paula Jean is fighting to allocate more money for local hospitals and provide access to quality health care for every West Virginian.

She firmly believes that we must hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for their role in creating this national crisis and this includes federal legislation that pushes pharmaceutical companies to front a chunk of the bill in helping individuals acquire treatment and recovery.


West Virginia’s infrastructure has been overlooked for far too long. Paula Jean has said, “no one should have to beg for something as basic as a clean glass of water.”

We must take immediate steps to invest in updating and modernizing our roadways, bridges and water systems. Too many West Virginians fear the water they are drinking out of the tap.

We must invest in our local communities and grow our tourism industry by keeping our waterways clean and maintaining our beautiful state and national parks, like Harper’s Ferry and the New River Gorge.

Industry is rapidly changing. West Virginia’s economic growth is stifled by a lack of access to modern telecommunications services. If we want to grow our economy and prospects we must call for federal and statewide investments in broadband and telecommunications.

Medicare for All

Health care is a human right, plain and simple. People shouldn’t have to rely on Emergency Rooms as their primary care providers. No family should have to pay more than their mortgage or housing to pay for their monthly insurance bills. And, no one should put off their own care to avoid outrageous deductibles.

This is why Paula Jean fully supports Medicare for All. The health care industry is one that currently profits off suffering and desperation. In the long run Medicare for All could save the country billions by cutting out the middle-man and investing in true preventative care.

Paula Jean supports investments in more local doctor’s offices and hospitals throughout the state so individuals in need of care won’t have to cross five counties to reach a hospital or doctor and she supports expanding education so that more West Virginians will stay in the state to work as nurses, doctors and care providers.

She also supports decoupling health care with jobs so that each individual can decide their own future without being burdened with the weight of losing their health care plan.


Education and economic development go hand in hand. Our communities need great and well-paid teachers, doctors, scientists and entrepreneurs. As the world evolves to become more technologically advanced, Paula Jean believes that West Virginia can do more than just keep pace, we can lead the charge.

To create the expertise and availability of reliable, well-paying jobs means training the workforce of West Virginia. That’s why our campaign supports tuition free state colleges, community colleges and trade schools. West Virginians beginning their careers shouldn’t have to start with the burden of massive debt.

In 2018, Paula Jean stood alongside teachers across the state who were demanding better pay and benefits. She stands strong on the fact that investments in our teachers and schools is an investment in our children’s futures.

As a mother of four, Paula Jean understands the burden of the cost of childcare. She supports federal subsidies in childcare, so parents no longer have to choose between the cost of keeping a job and putting food on the table. She also understands that we must improve pre-K as well as K-12 education opportunities for all of our youth and help our children gain an education that will help prepare them for a 21st century workforce.

A Campaign For the People

Paula Jean is the only U.S. Senate candidate in West Virginia who is refusing all corporate PAC money. She believes working class Americans need working class representation and candidates for public office should be beholden to voters not the special interests.

Paula Jean 2020 is funded entirely by Americans who want change, and counts on people like you to contribute.