All West Virginia residents can now vote by mail, or early in person, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The last day to request your vote-by-mail ballot is October 28th.

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Paula Jean is by:




Addiction Epidemic

Paula Jean has had friends & family caught in the cycle of addiction. She knows just how painful this disease is for everyone affected. It’s time for real solutions.

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Economic Diversity

West Virginia can no longer sustain a monolithic economy built on one industry. We must expand opportunities for growth and development. Our workers and their families should never have to move out of the state to find good-paying and stable employment.

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West Virginia Working Families Endorses Paula Jean Swearengin

West Virginia Working Families Party has endorsed Paula Jean Swearengin for U.S. Senate. Swearengin is challenging anti-worker incumbent Shelley Moore Capito. Capito has a 28% lifetime rating from the AFL-CIO, voting against workers nearly three-quarters of the time. “No one who cares about families, wages, or the labor movement could

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