A New Deal for West Virginia

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West Virginia’s infrastructure has been overlooked for far too long. Paula Jean has said, “no one should have to beg for something as basic as a clean glass of water.”

A New Deal for West Virginia

We deserve more than jobs in a boom-bust industry that we know is unsustainable.We deserve more than to be stuck with clean-up costs and health impacts. We deserve a just transition to a long-term economy that brings good jobs for working families directly to areas that are struggling. West Virginia would be one of the biggest beneficiaries of good paying jobs ushered in by a Green New Deal. 
Paula Jean is a coal miner’s daughter and granddaughter who wants justice and a just transition for her family and community that has sacrificed so much to power this country. She wants to guarantee a bright future for working class families like hers, with kids and grandkids that don’t deserve to bear the burden they’re faced with.
We can do this!

Clean running water and functioning sewer

No one should have to beg for clean water to drink… or to bathe their children. Yet we have near-constant water crises across the state, including Paden City, Minden, Parkersburg, Charleston, and more. And small towns throughout West Virginia struggle to maintain rural water and sewer systems, with constant boil advisories and pipes crumbling into the red clay.

Paula Jean will fight to make sure no more children and families have to pay the costs of corporate greed.

Broadband for all, as a public utility

Industry is rapidly changing. West Virginia’s economic growth is stifled by a lack of access to modern telecommunications services. And now, in the time of COVID, our children’s futures are at risk because of lack of internet access. 
If we want to grow our economy and ensure that all WV kids have safe access to public education, we must call for federal and statewide investments in broadband and telecommunications, in a way that doesn’t simply see the money going to wealthy campaign donors and politically-connected companies, while the fiber is run to unused buildings, as has happened here before.

Maintained roads

Roads in WV are in such poor condition that whole counties have declared states of emergency because they’re that unsafe. The main problem is that the large trucks doing the damage are not paying for their share of the maintenance—and taxes keep getting shifted onto working people who are already struggling.
It doesn’t have to be this way. With legislation like the RECLAIM Act, we can invest federal dollars to rebuild our communitie, so working people thrive more than ever before. Our roadways are our lifeline to hospitals, food, and work. In the richest country in the world, no community should have to face a state of emergency over unsafe roads.

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