More than 32K donors contribute to put a WV Coal Miner’s Daughter in the Senate

Paula Jean Swearengin FEC fundraising
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The Paula Jean Swearengin campaign has raised more than 1.4 million dollars this cycle to put a coal miner’s daughter in the Senate.

“We’ve never seen this kind of momentum in a month. We’ve more in the third quarter than in the whole of the preceding four quarters,” said Robyn Cain, Financial Officer for Paula Jean’s campaign. “We raised nearly $100K on September 30th alone.”

Almost 60,000 donations, at an average donation of only $26 each, have buoyed Paula Jean’s “no corporate PAC money” campaign with a huge influx of cash and momentum. 

Approximately 60% of Paula Jean’s donations are from small dollar donors.

By contrast (as of last quarter), more than 95% of Shelley Moore Capito’s donations come from wealthy donors, corporations, and committees. 

“What we’re seeing is people fighting to protect democracy,” said Lissa Lucas, Communications Director. “People are tired of a Senate filled with millionaires, of a government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. Paula Jean is a coal miner’s daughter rejecting corporate PAC money—and voters want someone who will represent them, not rule them.”

Fundraising Fast Facts:

  • Team Paula Jean raised more in the third quarter than in the whole of the preceding four quarters. (approximately 843K in Q3 v 1.44M total cycle to end of Q3)
  • Half of what we raised in Q3 was raised in the month of September.

  • Average donation of $26  from over 31,000 donors making more than 56,000 donations.

  • More than $450K was raised just in September, with nearly $100K raised on Sept 30 alone. 

  • Momentum:

    • More than half of what the campaign raised was raised in the third quarter. 

    • More than half of what was raised in the third quarter was raised in September alone. 

    • And nearly $100K was raised on Sept 30.

Media contact:
Lissa Lucas
Director of Communications, Paula Jean for Senate
[email protected]

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