U.S. Senate candidate Paula Jean Swearengin ‘not surprised’ Sen. Capito voted to continue warrantless government spying

“The Patriot Act has condoned unwarranted prying of the United States government into the private lives of American Citizens for nearly two decades. I am not surprised that West Virginia Senators Shelley Moore Capito and Joe Manchin voted down the amendment that would have disallowed law enforcement from spying on our internet search histories. Their voting records show that they value government overreach over citizen privacy time and time again.

West Virginians need representatives in Washington, D.C. who value every American’s right to privacy. When I am Senator, I intend to fight for things that all West Virginians need. Things like comprehensive broadband, investment in public infrastructure and a renewable energy future. I won’t be fighting to hand our government limitless power to violate our basic rights to privacy.”

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