Democratic Senate Candidate Paula Jean Swearengin Picks Up Momentum

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Contact Name: Media Team, Paula Jean for West Virginia – [email protected]

Web: www.paulajean.com Twitter: @paulajean2020 FB: PaulaJean2020 IG: @paulajeanwv2020

Communications and Policy Director: Kaylen Barker

Phone: 304-395-2862


Democratic Senate Candidate Paula Jean Swearengin Picks Up Momentum


COAL CITY — For its April 15, 2020, FEC reporting, 2020 Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate for West Virginia Paula Jean Swearengin’s Campaign reports a total of $224,776.68 from 9600+ individual contributions. Between January 1, 2020 and March 31, 2020, the Paula Jean for West Virginia Committee raised $109,134.64 from nearly 4400 individual contributions, with an average contribution of $23.43. The Committee not only received more individual, non-PAC donations than her opponents combined, but raised more in total than all challengers in the race.


“I think about the single mother who donated $5 from her minimum-wage check because she believes in a better future. I think about the supporter on disability who gives because they want a better future for their loved ones, Swearengin said. “Our volunteers and supporters believe we deserve lasting, viable work, healthcare as a human right, and sustainable economic opportunities to West Virginia.”


In line with her 2018 campaign, Swearengin has refused to accept corporate and corporate PAC donations. She’s signed the West Virginia Can’t Wait pledge along with West Virginia gubernatorial candidate Stephen Smith. Swearengin has received notable endorsements from Brand New Congress, Blue America and others.


Swearengin’s fundraising stands in stark contrast to incumbent Republican Shelley Moore Capito who is primarily funded by corporate PACs and Leadership PAC funds. Swearengin’s large number of individual donations showcase significant momentum for her small-dollar grassroots-driven campaign and her fundraising performance compared to all challengers in the race shows her viability as a candidate.


In 2018, Swearengin’s U.S. Senate race broke state records by garnering 48,594 primary votes, the highest votes against a sitting incumbent in West Virginia in 75 years. She also acquired more votes than any Republican candidate on the ballot including Patrick Morrisey.


“Our team is gearing up with hundreds of volunteers across the state. We are going to take this fight all the way to the General election and beyond, Swearengin said. “We’re tired of representatives playing politics with our lives and we’re ready for leadership that will put West Virginia first. To us, this is not about partisan politics, it’s about the future of West Virginia.


Democrat Paula Jean Swearengin is a coal miner’s daughter and granddaughter who has been fighting for clean water, clean air and a diverse economy for the Appalachian community for decades. Swearengin is fighting for bold policies that diversify West Virginia’s economy including the Federal Jobs Guarantee, and the Reclaim Act that would renew abandoned coal towns and bring more jobs and small businesses to West Virginia. She supports federal funding and grants to rebuild and expand infrastructure, create state-wide broadband and entice new industry to West Virginia.

For more info on Paula Jean’s campaign, please visit paulajean.com and follow @paulajean2020 on Twitter and Facebook, and paulajeanwv2020 on Instagram.

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Paid for and authorized by the Paula Jean for West Virginia Committee

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