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At all locations, testing is only provided if you meet criteriaAccording to the DHHR, these criteria include

  1. Showing symptoms AND hospitalized, in need of hospitalization, or at highest risk (such as people who are immune compromised or elderly)
  2. Showing symptoms AND a history of exposure in the last 14 days

Most locations will not test if you don’t call ahead, because of the scarcity of testing supplies. Some small or rural facilities need a call ahead to prepare for possible isolation measures if needed. So call ahead to make sure you qualify for a test, before driving to a site. If you are tested, results are expected in 3 to 4 days, with delays commonly reported based on the volume of tests being processed.

In our Coronavirus Plan for WV, we have called for community based testing, so that doctors can create symptom thresholds to diagnose patients, when swab or other tests are unavailable.


  • Beckley ARH Hospital, 306 Stanaford Road, Beckley, WV 25801 | Call 606-439-7100 or visit arh.covid19.com.
  • Raleigh General Hospital, 1710 Harper Road, Beckley, WV 25801 |  Call ahead: 304-256-4100.
  • Beckley-Raleigh Health Department. 1602 Harper Road, Beckley, WV 25801 | Call ahead: 304-255-8531.
  • MedExpress Urgent Care Center, 520 Beckley Crossing Shopping Center, Beckley, WV 25801 | HOURS: Mon-Sun 8am – 8pm. Call ahead 304-252-6639.
  • Office of Dr. Ayne Amjad, 330 N Eisenhower Drive, Beckley, WV 25801| HOURS: Mon-Fri 10am – 12pm. Call ahead: 304-252-5900.


  • United Hospital Center | HOURS: Mon-Sun 10 am – 4 pm. Patients without a valid order for testing should contact primary-care office to determine if they need a screening test, or they can contact the WVU Medicine Nurse Navigator line at 304-598-6000, Option 4. 


  • Pocahontas Memorial Hospital, 150 Duncan Road, Buckeye, WV 24924 Call ahead: 304-799-7400.


  • Charleston Area Medical Center, Chesterfield Avenue, Kanawha City. They do not want calls; they prefer you use CAMC’s “24/7 Care” app, which allows FREE video chats with care providers. For those without a smart phone/computer or who have trouble downloading or installing the “24/7 Care” app, call 304-388-9200 for assistance signing up for “24/7 Care,” so you can then get connected with a provider at no cost. People answering that line can only assist you in signing up for the telehealth program; they cannot answer questions about coronavirus or prescribe tests. 
  • MedExpress Urgent Care, 1416 Maccorkle Ave. SW, Charleston, WV 25303 | HOURS: Mon-Sun 8 am – 8pm. Call ahead: 304-744-7517.
  • Sunnyside Health Center (located inside Kanawha/ Charleston Health Department), 108 Lee St. E., Charleston, WV 25301 | HOURS: Tue-Thu 8am – 4pm. Call ahead: 681-205-2455. 


  • MedExpress Urgent Care Center, 101 Emily Dr., Clarksburg, WV 26301 | HOURS: Mon-Sun 8am – 8pm. Call ahead: 304-623-5094.


  • MedExpress Urgent Care Center, 613 Randolph Ave., Elkins, WV 26241 |  HOURS: Mon-Sun 8am – 8pm. Call ahead: 304-636-8422.
  • Davis Medical Center, 812 Gorman Avenue, Elkins, 26241 | HOURS: Mon-Sun 8am – 5pm. Call ahead: 304.630.3088.


  • MHC Forest Hill Clinic, 180 Old Schoolhouse Road, Forest Hill, WV 24935 | HOURS: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am-3pm. Call ahead: 304-466-1152.


  • Grafton High School, 400 Yates Avenue, Grafton WV 26354| HOURS: As needed from noon-4pm. Call ahead: 304-265-0400.


  • Summers County Area Regional Hospital, 115 Summers Hospital Road, Hinton, WV 25951 | Call ahead: 606-439-7100.


  • St. Mary’s Center for Education, 2853 5th Ave., Huntington, WV 25702| HOURS: Mon-Fri 10am to 4pm. NO call ahead number. Bring your doctor’s order for testing. 
  • MedExpress Urgent Care Center, 3120 US Route 60, Huntington, WV 25705 | HOURS: Mon-Sun 8am – 8pm. Call ahead 304-522-3627


  • Potomac Valley Hospital, 100 Pin Oak Ln., Keyser, WV 26726 | HOURS: Mon-Sun 10am – 4pm. Call ahead: 304-597-3500 


  • Kingwood Elementary School (parking lot) | HOURS: Mon-Fri 10am – noon and 1pm-4pm. Call ahead: 304-329-7285.


  • MedExpress Urgent Care Center, 1560 Jefferson Street North, Lewisburg, WV 24901 | HOURS: Mon-Sun 8am – 8pm. Call ahead: 304-645-2164.


  • MedExpress Urgent Care Center, 123 Enterprise Drive, Logan, WV 25601 | HOURS: Mon-Sun 8am – 8pm. Call ahead: 304-752-0183 


  • Boone Memorial Hospital, 701 Madison Avenue, Madison WV 25130 | Boone is currently screening without call aheads.


  • Community Care, 821 3rd Avenue, Marlinton, WV | Enter through the back of the building; no appointment necessary. You may call 304-799-4404 for more information. 


  • Berkeley Medical Center, 2500 Hospital Dr., Martinsburg, WV 25401 | HOURS: Mon-Sun 10 am- 4 pm. Arrive with a testing order from your primary care physician, or contact the WVU Medicine Nurse Navigator line at 304-598-6000 Option 4. 
  • MedExpress Urgent Care, 83 Retail Commons Parkway, Martinsburg, WV 25403 | HOURS: Mon-Sun 8 am – 8 pm Call ahead 304-264-9730 before leaving your home.


  • University Town Centre, 6040 University Town Centre Drive, Morgantown, WV 26501 | HOURS: Mon-Sun 10 am- 4 pm.  Arrive with a testing order from your primary care physician, or contact the WVU Medicine Nurse Navigator line at 304-598-6000 Option 4. 
  • Mon Health – SurgiCare South entrance. HOURS: Monday-Friday 9am to 1pm, and 2pm to 7pm. Call ahead: 304-285-3798.
  • MedExpress Urgent Care, 956 Maple Drive, Morgantown, WV 26505 | HOURS: Mon-Sun 8am – 8pm. Call ahead: 304-291-5805.


  • Chase Bank (parking lot), 215 Main St, Oak Hill, WV 25901 | HOURS: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1pm-3pm. No call-ahead number. Operated by Fayette County Health Department
  • Mountain Laurel Medical Clinic, 119 Main St, Oak Hill, WV 25901 | Call ahead: 304-465-0544. 


  • Camden Clark Medical Center, 800 Garfield Ave, Parkersburg, WV 26101 | HOURS: Mon-Sun 10 am- 4 pm.  Arrive with a testing order from your primary care physician, or contact the WVU Medicine Nurse Navigator line at 304-598-6000 Option 4. 
  • MedExpress Urgent Care, 1500 Grand Central Avenue, Vienna, WV 26105 | HOURS: Mon-Sun 8am-8pm. Call ahead: 304-485-3627.


  • Grant Memorial Hospital, 117 Hospital Drive, Petersburg WV 26847 | Call ahead: 304-257-1026.


  • Monroe Health Center, 2869 Seneca Trail South, Peterstown WV 24963 | HOURS: Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm. Call ahead: 304-753-4336.


  • Princeton Community Hospital, 122 12th Street, Princeton, WV 24740 Call ahead: 304-487-7000, and you must also have a doctor’s order before you go. Drive up to the Parkview Center entrance portico, and remain in your vehicle. Someone from PCH will come to your vehicle window for registration, consent, and testing. 
  • Bluestone Health Center, 3997 Beckley Road, Princeton, WV 24740 | Call ahead: 304-431-5499.
  • MedExpress Urgent Care, 277 Greasy Ridge Rd., Princeton, WV 24740 | HOURS: Mon-Sun 8am-8pm. Call ahead: 304-425-7615.


  • Rainelle Medical Center, 176 Medical Center, Rainelle, WV 25962 | HOURS: 24 hours. Call ahead: 304-438-6188.


  • Jefferson Medical Center, 300 South Preston St., Ranson, WV 25438 | HOURS: Mon-Sun 10 am – 4 pm.  Arrive with a testing order from your primary care physician, or contact the WVU Medicine Nurse Navigator line at 304-598-6000 Option 4.   


  • Greenbrier Valley Medical Center, 1320 Maplewood Avenue, Ronceverte, WV 24970 | HOURS: Lobby open Mon-Fri 5:30 am – 5 pm, Emergency Room open 24 hours. Call ahead: 304-647-4411 At this time, the only access points for patients and visitors are through the Emergency Department and Front Lobby entrances. Screening is provided at those locations. 


  • Summersville Regional Medical Center, 400 Fairview Heights Road, Summersville, WV Call ahead: 304-872-2891
  • MedExpress Urgent Care, 5870 Webster Rd., Summersville, WV 26651 | HOURS: Mon-Sun 8am-8pm. Call ahead: 304-872-3709 


  • Monroe Health Center, 200 Health Center Drive, Union WV 24983 | HOURS: Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm. Call ahead: 304-772-3064.


  • Welch Community Hospital, 454 McDowell Street, Welch, WV 24801 |  Call ahead: 304-436-8461


  • Market Place Shopping Center, 100 Market Place Mall, Weston WV 26452 | HOURS: Mon-Fri 9am-1pm and 2pm-7pm. Call ahead: 304-517-1584.


  • Wheeling Park parking lot | HOURS: Mon-Sat 10 am- 4 pm. Call ahead: 304-221-3995. 
  • MedExpress Urgent Care, 10 Elm Grove Crossing Mall, Wheeling, WV 26003 | HOURS: Mon-Sun 8am-8pm. Call ahead: 304-242-4228.

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Voter registration deadline is Tuesday, October 13.—


Early voting (in person) will be at certain designated polling places during normal business hours and Saturdays 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Once dates for early voting are set, we’ll update here—


Absentee voting (from home) may be allowed during the general election as it was for the primary, but that is not confirmed, yet. You can ask your county clerk for updates (and we’ll update here, too). Here’s a doirectory of every WV County Clerk.—


If I request an absentee ballot, can I still vote in-person if I choose?


Yes, but you must bring the ballot with you in-person to make certain that your ballot is not being double-counted. 


I have a question that isn’t answered above. What do I do? 


The Secretary of State’s office is very responsive. You can call 304.558.6000.


You can track absentee ballots HERE.


Read full instructions about the absentee ballot process HERE.


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How do I file for unemployment?

  • Step 1. Visit Workforce WV and click “START HERE.”
  • Step 2. Choose option 1: “to file a new/additional unemployment claim”
  • Step 3. Complete the information and submit! (Make sure to indicate this is COVID-related. It will save you steps later!)

Don’t have internet? Call 800-252-JOBS (800-252-5627)

What information do I need to have? 

  • Your SSN#
  • Your Address
  • Employer name, address, zip code, telephone, contact
  • Dates of employment for ALL employers over last 18 months
  • Your Debit Card or bank account information to receive payment

Who is eligible? 

  • You, if you lost a job, lost hours, or if you are prevented from working due to the virus because you are sick, at-risk, or because your company closed or cut back. 
  • This includes people who are self-employed/ small business owners.
  • The governor has said “to the maximum extent permitted under federal law.”

How is this different from the old rules?

  • No more 1 week waiting period
  • No more requirement that you are searching for work
  • Self-employed people are included 

Don’t forget…


I have a question that’s not answered above. What do I do? Call 1800.252.JOBS or visit workforcewv.org.

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What types of support are eligible to me as a small business owner during the crisis?

  1. If your business closes down, small business owners and the self-employed can apply for unemployment benefits during the crisis. Apply at workforcewv.org. Please note that in addition to your state unemployment benefits, you will also receive $600 per week in additional federal benefits–due to the stimulus. Also note that you’ll need to re-file for unemployment each week. 
  2. To help your business stay open, you can apply for short-term SBA Disaster Loan Assistance. This assistance starts at $10,000, and there is a limited amount of loans available. The word “loan” is somewhat misleading. If you use your loan on things like rent or payroll, to keep your business open, you will not need to repay those funds.  APPLY HERE.  This YouTube tutorial has been recommended by some WV small business owners. 
  3. For longer term assistance to help you cover payroll, you can also apply for Paycheck Protection: https://www.sba.gov/funding-programs/loans/coronavirus-relief-options/paycheck-protection-program-ppp. The main difference between the SBA Disaster Loan Assistance and Paycheck Protection, is that Paycheck Protection has more money to distribute, became live later (April 3rd), and is generally a more involved process. We encourage folks to contact your bank for help in applying for Paycheck Protection. 

All of these programs, however, have had serious issues. Please contact us if you’ve had an issue to let us know. 

How big is a “small business”? 

    500 employees or less. 

Are there any other options and resources?

    Yes. Here’s the FULL LIST of federal relief options, and THIS might help, too.

Should I stay open during the crisis? How do I prepare a safe work environment?

    Here’s GUIDANCE from the federal government: 

    Here’s a LINK to all essential and non-essential businesses included in West Virginia’s Stay at Home order.


My question isn’t answered above. What do I do? 

The WV Department of Commerce is a good place to start (304.558.2234). If you get stuck, Please contact us at [email protected]

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Folks are coming together all across West Virginia to try to keep people fed safely and make certain there is access to prescription medications, however the methods vary by county. The most reliable source of information on this is a website maintained by volunteers.

You can see that information HERE —find the food/medicine resources for your county. 

If you know of resources not listed on that site, they would welcome more information. Please contact them!

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  1. Wash our hands frequently; avoid touching our faces.
  2. Physical distancing is a must. This means not gathering in groups and not coming within 6 feet of other people in public.
  3. While N95 masks should be reserved for medical personnel, the CDC recommends wearing a cloth mask when out in public.

If you’re an employer: Where it’s possible, allow employees to work from home.  Provide paid sick days, and a safe working environment. Don’t require employees to work in close quarters without proper equipment to protect themselves. They may be vulnerable or have someone vulnerable at home.

If you’re a worker: Work from home if you’re able. Wash your hands. Wear a mask if you must work near people. Avoid public gatherings. Stay home from work when you’re sick.

We know staying home from work when you’re sick is a big ask for many who don’t get paid sick days. Part of the problem with our system is that most working people have no cushion: We can’t afford to take unpaid sick days, much less any time in the hospital.

Forty percent of people don’t have $400 in the bank for an emergency expense. 

  • No one should lose their job because they’re ill or quarantined.
  • No one should lose their home because they’re ill or quarantined.
  • No one should have utilities turned off because they’re ill or quarantined.
  • No one should go hungry because they’re ill or quarantined.
  • And no one should be punished for doing the right thing.

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Rapid Response WV is designed to coordinate local efforts to reduce the impact of COVID-19. We are working with our partners to identify needs related to the pandemic, protect our most vulnerable neighbors, and build a new way forward together. 

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A special thanks to Stephen Smith’s WVCantWait.com Governor Campaign. Visit his site for more info!


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