Paula Jean Swearengin’s campaign has finally addressed the burning question being asked repeatedly on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets.

“To our knowledge, Paula Jean is not related to the infamous Al Swearengen of Deadwood,” said campaign manager David Graham in a statement, in response to frequent questions. “The names are not even spelled the same.”

“We’re still willing to be endorsed by HBO,” he added. “Or Ian McShane. McShane would be very cool. Can we get McShane…?”

Although, as an outspoken Appalachian woman, Paula Jean could certainly keep up with Al in terms of cussing if she wanted to, “She doesn’t want to,” said Ben Pender, Political Director.

“Nope. Yeah… no,” he added emphatically.

The campaign has a virtual Swear Jar.

Swearengin Swear Jar

We would be grateful if Deadwood fans would donate for each F word uttered throughout the run of Deadwood, which—with 2980 instances reported—would come to $29.80 at a penny each.