Broadband For All

Rural areas of the country, especially in WV, have less access to internet. MORE THAN 31% OF RURAL AMERICANS DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO IN-HOME BROADBAND, COMPARED TO ONLY 4% OF URBAN AMERICANS—but it’s worse in WV. NEARLY HALF OF RURAL WEST VIRGINIANS–AND ABOUT 30% OF WEST VIRGINIANS OVERALL–DON’T HAVE ACCESS TO BROADBAND at home. That has to change—and we can change it.

Expand Access to Public Digital Infrastructure (PDI)

Here are the things we’re going to do at the federal level to build a public digital infrastructure so all West Virginians and folks across the country have an equal opportunity to access remote work, education, or build their small businesses

Public Digital Infrastructure Supports Jobs and Small Businesses

No more charging West Virginians for internet service they can’t use, or can’t rely on. Students without access fall behind. Businesses without access lose money. Rural workers without access are limited to long commutes or low-paying jobs in the immediate area—and workers without the money to make purchases can’t support local businesses. Remote work increases consumer demand in remote areas.

Fight Corporate Control

I’ll make sure we strengthen antitrust enforcement in the market until all broadband services are connected to the PDI. The size of these companies and the lack of competition in the market allows them to price gouge. This is where federally legalizing and providing grants for municipal or community-owned broadband networks come into play to allow cheaper and faster options for consumers.

Shelley Moore Capito supports price gouging monopolies and oligopolies like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T by not only taking campaign contributions from them but owning tens of thousands of dollars in their stock as well.

For the last 5 ½ years, ‘Capito Connect’ has left West Virginians disconnected. You know what? I say it’s time to Connect West Virginia

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Common Dreams: ‘A Battle Cry From Appalachia’

‘A Battle Cry From Appalachia’: Progressive Paula Jean Swearengin Wins US Senate Primary in West Virginia

“This campaign has always been about the movement for a better future,” said the victorious Democrat who ran on Medicare for All and a Green New Deal.

A coal miner’s daughter and granddaughter with a progressive vision for West Virginia won the state’s Democratic primary for a U.S. Senate race Tuesday and will now work to oust Republican incumbent Sen. Shelley Moore Capito in November.

“This movement is a battle cry from Appalachia and for people across this country,” Paula Jean Swearengin said in a statement after her victory. “West Virginians are done waiting for politicians to do the right thing. The people of this state are ready to return our government to one of, by, and for the people.”

Read the FULL story at the link – Common Dreams

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Swearengin declared winner of Democratic U.S. Senate race in W.Va.

The Associated Press has declared Paula Jean Swearengin as the winner of Democratic Senate primary in West Virginia.

With 96% of the precincts reporting, Swearengin had 38%, Richard Ojeda, 33%, and Richie Robb, 29%.

Swearengin will face U.S. Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, who won the Republican nomination, in the November general election.

To read that rest of the story – Click the Link  – WCHSTV

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