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One of the most tragic developments in West Virginia has been the devastating effects of opioid addiction. For Paula Jean who has had friends and family caught in the cycle of addiction, she knows just how painful this disease is for everyone affected.

Long-term recovery solutions

It has been proven that community-based, long-term recovery solutions are effective in treating addiction. These programs work to create individualized treatment plans and networks of support systems – a key factor in success. We need to stop treating people with addiction like criminals and start treating this illness. 

Address contributing factors

Addiction is a disease of despair. Many folks who struggle with addiction are dealing with other issues: poverty, homelessness, physical or mental illness, and more. In order to combat this disease, we must also work to prevent it. That means increasing opportunities for new jobs, ensuring everyone has healthcare, and supporting our most vulnerable populations.

Hold Big Pharma accountable

We firmly believes that we must hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for their role in creating this national crisis. That includes federal legislation that pushes pharmaceutical companies to front a chunk of the bill in helping individuals acquire treatment and recovery. 
When it comes to combatting the addiction crisis, one of the biggest factors in the way is special interests. We deserve politicians that don’t open their pockets and pocketbooks to accept corporate cash from industries that exploit our people.

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