“While Mitch McConnell and his best buddy Shelley Moore Capito are worried about whether it’s politically convenient to discuss who’s been offering bounties to Afghan militants for the lives of our troops—and while their squabbling focuses on whether the president was briefed about the bounties before he signed the Feb 29 deal with the Taliban—the most important thing is being forgotten here: the safety of our troops. 

“There has been no response, there have been no sanctions, there is no action being taken to protect the troops risking their lives for this country.

“We must take immediate action to demand a halt the bounty program, and to enact strong sanctions against the perpetrators. 

“Y’all want to argue… argue later. First we protect our troops. And if congress won’t do that, let’s vote to bring an end to the do-nothing congress and elect new leaders—leaders with values that reflect the values of the American people.”