Paula Jean Swearengin

U.S. Senate Candidate for West Virginia

A coal miner’s daughter and granddaughter, Paula Jean Swearengin has been fighting for a better West Virginia and our West Virginia values for decades. In 2018, she took on an entrenched incumbent U.S. Senator in a Democratic Primary and received the highest number of primary votes against an incumbent U.S. Senator in West Virginia in 75 years.

Today Paula Jean is taking on Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito to restore economic opportunity for our entire Appalachian community, make Medicare for All a reality and bring our progressive values to the U.S. Senate.

A coal miner’s daughter

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Paula Jean is the only U.S. Senate candidate in West Virginia who is refusing all corporate donations and PAC money. She believes working class Americans need working class representation and candidates for public office should be beholden to voters not the special interests.

Paula Jean 2020 is funded entirely by Americans who want change, and counts on people like you to contribute.